Histon & Impington Community Orchard Project

Pruning Workshop

Phil Scott, with his incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for growing and maintaining trees, led a most informative and enjoyable pruning workshop. We started by attending to the apple trees at the orchard which had been planted over the last two years. After being tutored by Phil we grew in confidence to take on pruning the trees by ourselves.

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Juicing Day at IVC

This year’s juicing event was held at IVC as part of the 75th anniversary community open day. Students and children helped gather the apple crop from the Lord Lambourne trees. With the help of many hands the apples were cut, shredded and pressed to make a delicious juice. Thank you to everyone who helped, Cheers.

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Maintenance Day and Picnic

A rain-free morning enabled a variety of work to take place at the orchard. Thank you to everyone involved in the removal of ragwort, a vast quantity was pulled up and taken away. Children enjoyed planting out wildflowers that had been sown at the bird-ringing event earlier in the year. The opportunity was also taken to weed around the trees, spray the trees with garlic solution and mow the paths. Finally we were able to mark out the positioning of the trees to be planted early 2015. A good morning’s work left the orchard looking in fine condition.

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Bird in the hand breakfast

Getting the benefit of perhaps the only dry and sunny four hours of the weekend, the bird in the hand breakfast got off to an early start with the volunteers setting up from about 8am onward. Our thanks go to everyone who pitched in on the day – there was quite a lot to help with. I’m sure the smell of breakfast cooking helped everyone along.

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Bench Commemoration

As mentioned previously, HICOP has been very fortunate in receiving donations for benches. The long bench near the pedestrian gate was donated by The British Legion to commemorate the sacrifices of those who served in the First World War.

On Saturday 21st June, the inauguration ceremony was held at the orchard. Read more at the Cambridge News.