Orchard hedging

Thanks to a lot of time, effort, and generosity from all at Chivers Farms – particularly Phil Scott – we have most of the boundary fence up around the orchard.

The fence is temporary and will only be there long enough to give the new hedge plants a chance to become established with less danger of being trampled underfoot.

The hedge plants themselves will go in in early December, so please come along if you’d like to help out with that.

Hedge planting

On Saturday 7th December we will be planting the rest of the Orchard boundary hedge and would be delighted if you could come along and help us with this work. Work will commence at 10AM.

If you intend to come along, please let us know in advance in case of bad weather cancellation. We will also be planting 9 trees in the hedge. Hot drinks will be provided.

Please try to bring:

  • Gloves & trowel
  • Kneeling pads
  • Warm clothes
  • Wellies

Work will comprise:

  • Laying mypex
  • Planting 500+ plants
  • Planting 9 trees
  • Spreading woodchip

More photos