Let’s start with a big “Thank You” for everyone who turned up today to put the benches into the Orchard.

We started working out the positioning the previous weekend and marking the anchoring points, this was the weekend to actually get them into the orchard. We have one (very long, very heavy) standard bench, two adult size picnic benches and two slightly smaller picnic benches for children.

The long bench has been donated to the orchard by the Histon & Impington Royal British Legion Club and the picnic tables have been purchased with a donation from the Histon & Impington Feast Committee. Our thanks to those involved in both organizations.

The benches are made by FACET, who make a fantastic range of garden furniture at reasonable prices (they also made our gates).

The digging and laying of matting (to stop the benches sinking in) went very quickly – and thanks to Phil Scott and his van and trailer we didn’t have to carry the benches too far (they really are heavy). So, next time you’re near the orchard – go have a sit for a while and watch the world go by (or at least the guided buses). We also managed to get the orchard sign put up on the pedestrian gate, get some left over matting down around the gate area, do a little general maintenance on the trees and even get some volunteers to pick out some of the many many dandelions.

Photos of the day