Tree planting March 2014

On Saturday, 8 March we were finally able to plant our next twelve trees, having previously been delayed a month by heavy rain and water-logged ground. Prior to the planting day, we had marked out the tree positions and put down two loads of woodchip to create a dry path to the Orchard swing gate.

On the day the weather was ideal, and over 20 volunteers turned out to plant the trees in the ‘Orchard Parkland‘ area. The trees, which are all grafted on a vigorous rootstock, comprise apples, pears, cherries, a gage, a mulberry, a medlar and a quince. Once the trees had been planted, protective cages were constructed round each one to protect against muntjac deer and rabbits.

We were also able to remove the 400 protective spirals from the hedging that was planted last March along the Busway boundary.

Many thanks to all who took part for helping that morning to expand our Orchard to its current total of 47 trees, all being East Anglian heritage varieties.