Maintenance Day

The first Saturday in May and it was time for the orchard to have a first major maintenance day of the year. We had a tremendous turnout from the volunteers and our thanks go to everyone who turned up.

It was a warm sunny morning and the orchard is turning into a lovely place to spend a bit of time. Jobs for the day included preparing two of the boundaries for sowing with a wildflower mix, planting out some of the wildflower trays that have been grown over the winter and cutting some pathways through the grass with the lawnmower that has been kindly donated to the orchard.

Other volunteers got on with spraying the trees with the garlic-based organic spray we have been using this past year and clearing out weeds from within the protective enclosures that encircle the young trees.

With so much to get done, everyone worked away solidly for the first couple of hours before we took a break for coffee, tea and some lovely homemade cakes.

Some ground was cleared for the British Legion (who so kindly bought the long bench) to plant some poppy seeds to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI and thanks to the donation of a camper van of topsoil from Chivers Farm, we were also able to fill in some of the test pits near the entrance gate to level the area out again.

All in all, a lovely and productive morning and people seemed to genuinely enjoy the work and the sunshine. There was also some particularly clever contortions from several of the volunteers as they managed to manouevre themselves inside the tree protection to clear the weeds out from around the trees.

Photos of the morning

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