Orchard location

Finding the orchard

The easiest way to reach the orchard is to use the footpath that runs behind Somerset Road/Manor Park. Easy points of access are at the intersection of Shirley Road and Somerset Road (there is a path between two houses directly opposite the bottom of Shirley Road) or via the path at the intersection of Merton Road and Somerset Road (again the pathway is opposite the bottom of Merton Road). Alternatively, a footpath begins at the bottom of Saffron Road.

The field and some of the pathways can get quite muddy during the winter months. You might want to consider wellington boots or some other sturdy footwear.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the orchard and they range from schoolchildren to the retired. Volunteers are especially appreciated for events and maintenance days. Helping out for just a few hours a year can make an enormous difference to the things we can get done.


We run a number of events at the orchard across the year, including a Winter Wassail, our Bird in the Hand Breakfast (with the RSPB), and Juicing Days. We also organize days for Pruning Workshops and related skills.