Orchard Events Day

On Saturday 28th September 2013 we are going to be having a day of events for the whole family at the Orchard.

Morning – RSPB Bird Ringing

From 10am until noon we will be holding a Bird Ringing session with specially trained ringers from the RSPB.

Get up close and personal with some of the common birds found around the orchard area and discover how and why the RSPB catch birds and put tiny rings on their legs. Specially trained ringers from the RSPB will explain what information we learn about the lifestyle of these birds through ringing.

Afternoon – Apple Juicing

From noon until about 4pm we will be holding an Apple Juicing session at the orchard with the HICOP juicing equipment. Bring along your fruit and be sure to bring lots of clean plastic bottles to take away your juice. N.B. If you want your juice pasteurised you will need to bring sterilized screw top wine bottles with you.

If you are bringing fruit please try to let us know in advance. If you can bring a chopping board and a knife and perhaps some plastic bags to deal with pulp, that would be brilliant.

Throughout the day

The HICOP volunteers will be around for the day and will be happy to tell you about the trees and the progress of the orchard in general.

Additional information


The Histon & Impington Community Orchard at the back of Manor Park, Histon.


Starts: 10am Saturday 28th September 2013.


Optional donation to the Histon & Impington Community Orchard project.

What else do I need to know?

It would be great if you could let us know if you’d like to come along so that we can get an idea of the numbers in advance.

You can get in touch with us via the contact form here or by calling Paul on 01223 234588.

The orchard is located on the field at the rear of Somerset Road, close to the guided busway. You can find more location details here.