Early Years Centre plant wildflowers

Following on from the Infant and Junior schools planting out wild flowers, as part of our project to establish a wild flower meadow in the orchard, we followed up recently with some children from the Histon Early Years Centre. It was a lovely morning and four children came with the two trays that they had been tending.

They successfully put them in and the plot has been marked with a laminated sign that they themselves prepared. We are pleased to report that they are thriving and are a valuable addition to the diversity of plants we have. It is so nice to have the young children involved and we hope to be able to keep their interest going with other activities and events that they can participate in.

We very much see the children as the future of the orchard project. If they continue to be involved then they will feel they have a real stake in the project and hopefully will continue for many years to come. When the orchard reaches maturity they will be adults and hopefully will still be involved and be able to look back on their contribution with pride.

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