Histon & Impington Community Orchard Project

Orchard maintenance – 2017

170827 orchard no fortresses

This Summer (2017) we’ve been removing the cages that were built to protect the trees from deer and rabbits. These were great when first installed and gave the trees good protection, but they made it hard to weed and they were starting to constrain the growth. We’ve now removed about 45 cages, with about 6 to go.

Bird in the Hand Breakfast – 2017


1st July 2017 – Thanks to the RSPB, Hedgehog Gardens and the Wildlife Trust for this opportunity to find out about local wildlife. The RSPB were ringing birds and monitoring the health of local species. Hedgehog Gardens provided advice on what you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden. And the bonus of cooked breakfasts served by Phil and Wayne, aided and abetted by the HICOP volunteers!

Thanks to Nigel Searle for the photos.

More wildflowers


20th May 2017 – Preparing beds for planting wildflowers. The Brownies have grown wildflowers from seed and will be planting the young plants soon.

Planting a mini-orchard at Histon and Impington Junior School

170309 group

9th March 2017 – Planting a mini-orchard at Histon and Impington Junior School. In April 2016 we grafted scions taken from the Community Orchard, grew them on and then planted 5 trees at the Junior School. The trees, all apples, are:

  • Lady Hollendale – eating apple, from Wisbech
  • Murfitt’s Seedling – cooking apple, from Cottenham
  • Chivers Delight – eating apple, from Histon
  • Laxton’s Fortune – eating apple, from Bedford
  • Isaac Newton’s Tree – cooking apple, the inspiration for ‘gravity’, from Lincolnshire
  • 2017 Wassail Wassail!

    IMG_20170304_162706 Wassail 02c

    4th March 2017 – Wassailling at the orchard, waking the trees, looking forward to a wonderful summer and a bountiful harvest