Volunteers – your help is needed

There are two major tasks we have to undertake in the next few weeks and we’re going to need your help. Details of what needs doing and when are below.

Hedge planting


In four weeks time we shall plant the boundary hedge that will create a 270m natural perimeter around the orchard. The work will start on Friday 16th November and be completed over the following two days: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th.

Chivers Farms has generously agreed to provided mechanised assistance in the preceding week to prepare the ground. Volunteer help will be needed over the weekend to:

  • Lay down and attach a weed suppressing membrane through which the young hedging plants will grow.
  • Plant the hedge and the first eight fruit trees through the membrane.

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The following weekend volunteers are needed to finish putting up a fence that will surround the new young hedge.

This fence will define the orchard boundary and protect the hedge while it grows. Some of the erection work on the fence will again be done by Chivers Farms in the preceding week when they will erect posts.

The work over Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, and Sunday 25th November will involve attaching wire mesh, to discourage grazing of the young trees and hedge by deer.

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If either of these work sessions interests you, the first being more horticultural and the second more DIY, we would be delighted to hear from you and see you at the orchard site at any point over the days mentioned above. If you would like to help please let us know when you can come by getting in touch via our contact page.

If you need help finding the orchard have a look at this page.