Trumpington Orchard visit

Half a dozen people went to visit the Trumpington Orchard on their monthly maintenance day and were given a comprehensive description of the project by Ceri Galloway.

A little history

When the Orchard was started, a little under five years ago, a great deal of preparatory work was needed as much of the ground had been used by fly-tippers. With the help of a couple of significant grants the area was cleared and a wildflower meadow was planted. The following year all the native Cambridge apple varieties were planted. They planted nineteen Cambridgeshire Heritage apple trees and two plums, representing the full range of heritage fruit trees for Cambridgeshire.

HICOP members Paul and Elaine examining a Bluntisham Perfection

Community effort

The orchard is maintained with the help of a large band of volunteers. What has been created by all of this effort is a beautiful place to use, visit, and enjoy. The area has benches and a picnic table and the group have run many events. Apple days have been held as well as various wildlife events, such as moth days and bat evenings (bird and bat boxes were put up in 2007).

The Trumpington group are interested in the HICOP initiative and are happy to offer whatever support they can. They are very happy for future visits on another maintenance day, so if this is something that would interest you please let Paul know so he can get an idea of numbers and timing in advance.

We would all like to thank the Trumpington folks for their interest and kindness in letting us see what they’ve achieved so far.


Other photos of the day