Spring for a tenner

Localgiving.com and Cambridgeshire Community Foundation are matching monthly donations made to local charities in Cambridgeshire!

Beginning at 10AM on Tuesday March 5, monthly donations made to eligible Cambridgeshire charities will be matched up to £10/month for a full year.

Pledging to give a small amount each month makes a huge difference to our ability to plan future work on the orchard.

To give you an idea of what your donation could help with, here are some costings:

  • £10.00 – 10 “meadow in a tray” kits
  • £12.00 – Fruit tree
  • £35.00 – Individual tree protection
  • £50.00 – 1kg wild flower seed
  • £260.00 – Entrance gate
  • £900.00 – Perimeter fence

Visit our localgiving page