Parish Council approval for orchard on Manor Park site

So, just six months after the start of the Community Orchard project, HICOP have been given approval by Histon Parish Council (as/when lease is finally signed with the County Council) for a one acre Orchard on the Manor Park site adjacent to the Guided Busway. The project is now well on schedule for planting the first phase of the Orchard in 12 months time.

Now that we have parish council approval, we are getting down to more detailed planning of the project. This includes design of the site, decisions on types of trees and hedging and how best to introduce a wildflower meadow. In addition we will be looking at what features to incorporate. These could include benches, beehives or other wildlife features to increase the biodiversity of the orchard. We are also really keen on strengthening involvement with the local schools and other community groups. Please do get in contact if you think you could help with this. We will need to raise at least £4,500 for the first phase of the project, and the group has begun looking at a number of possible fundraising ideas.