Orchard volunteer work cancelled

We recently posted up details here on the site of opportunities to work on the first phase of establishing the Community Orchard.

Unfortunately work on the project has had to be suspended as the Environment Committee of the Parish Council has, at an extraordinarily late stage, raised concerns about the original proposal endorsed by Histon Parish Council.

The plans for the orchard have been in the public domain for months now and were drawn up in consultation with as many people and groups as possible, including Histon Parish Council, Manor Park residents, local schools, orchard experts, and a great number of village residents. Obviously, with hedging and trees on order and initial work on the orchard boundary underway, we are terribly disappointed by both the nature and timing of the delay.

At this stage it is unclear what ultimate effect this will have on the project but we will obviously try to resolve it and get the project back on track. At this stage, however, it is likely that we have lost our work window and, realistically, we are unlikely to be able to begin work until Spring 2013 – providing agreement can be reached with the Environment Committee.

Clearly, there is much work to be done and we will let you know of any developments as soon as they occur.