Orchard licence signed

We are very pleased to be able to announce that a detailed licence agreement for the Community Orchard was signed between Histon and Impington Parish Council and HICOP on November 30th!

This agreement follows unexpected last minute issues concerning the size and placement of the Orchard that resulted in site work being put on hold while the negotiations were concluded.

HICOP greatly appreciates the effort and support of the former Histon Parish Council in getting the Orchard idea started, as well as the continuing support of Histon and Impington Parish Council, which recently devoted a great deal of time and energy to overcoming the last minute issues. We would especially like to thank Council Chairman Max Parish for all of his efforts and energy in this matter.

The size and new placement of the Orchard – actually only a few metres different from the original plan – mean that we will have to go back and look over the original plans to see what still works and what will need changing, particularly now that the Orchard has now been moved up against the guided busway boundary.

HICOP is delighted to have signed the detailed agreement and is now able to get on with building an Orchard for the use of the whole community. As soon as we have worked our way through the plans we’ll be back in touch with all our volunteers to let everyone know the new schedule of works.