Moth Breakfast

First, a huge Thank You to Malcolm Ausden, Principal Ecologist with the RSPB for the wonderful display of locally trapped moths. Malcolm was surrounded by crowds of all ages as visitors were drawn to his table like…well that’s how he caught the moths in the first place.

We were delighted by the large turnout for the moth display and it was lovely to see so many people enjoying the area for something other than walking dogs. A lot of people expressed an interest in getting more involved and we were delighted to see a lot of new faces.

The moth display drew a large crowd from the outset and continued that ways for hours and it was wonderful to see so many people fascinated by both the moths themselves and Malcolm’s informative and enthusiastic presentation of them.

The visitors start to arrive in number

Around the rest of the orchard

While the moth display was going on and people were enjoying the coffee and croissant breakfast some of the HICOP volunteers were out and about around the orchard spraying trees with an organic garlic based solution, doing general maintenance, and planting more plugs for the wild flower meadow.

We also had an orchard quiz going on that drew a lot of interest. With prizes including a pair of binoculars and wildlife books by local wildlife author David Chandler, a lot of families took to the quiz trail around the orchard and – we hope – discovered a lot more about the variety of fruit trees that are being raised.

Finally, we would also like to thank everyone for their kind donations and the HICOP volunteers for all their help in making a great day. Thanks also to Impington Church for the loan of tables and the Holiday Inn for lending us tea and coffee urns.

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