Juicing weekend

Apples have ripened quite early this year and HICOP has just organised a very successful juicing weekend.

An apple press and macerator were kindly loaned by Hilary Duncan and all the kit was set up on picnic tables in one of the group’s back garden. With lots of people power, young and not so young, doing the washing, chopping, macerating, pressing and bottling it was surprising how quickly we got though a mound of apples from IVC’s grounds.

A number of people also brought apples from their gardens giving us an excuse to sample all the different flavours. All in all, we produced about 60 litres of delicious apple juice.

This really enjoyable event has encouraged us to plan a bigger one for next year, when we intend to ask more people to bring their own apples and invite an expert to identify unknown varieties.

Juicing weekend photo gallery