Juicing Day 2012

First of all we wish to say a big Thank You to Hilary Duncan who sells apple juice at the Friday Farmers Market in the village for the very generous donation of the Apple Juicer and Macerator to HICOP. Also to Peter Pluck a local carpenter, who kindly made two mahogany discs for the press to make it more efficient. The generosity of spirit and support has been an ongoing theme of our community orchard project.

This year the general apple crop has been diminished due to the late May frosts and the rain which has hindered the bees in their essential activity of pollinating the flowers.

Thankfully the apples kept coming in on the day and it was a great success. Many families came, bringing their apples to enjoy the fun of making apple juice. We had a very productive conveyor belt of activities as people were washing, chopping, macerating, pressing, and bottling. The children were fabulous in their enthusiasm and physical stamina which is especially needed to turn the macerator. Then it’s all hands on deck to keep the apple press squeezing the juice out of the apples.

It was amazing how many different colours of apple juice we had that day and how many varieties of tastes. All were delicious especially coming straight off the press and having been involved in the whole process Hopefully this will be an ongoing event for us and a real treat to have it in our community orchard in years to come.

We’ll look forward to seeing everyone again next year for more juicing fun!

Photos of the day