Grow your tenner

Starting at 10AM on 25th September Localgiving is offering to match the first £10 of all donations made until their funds runs out. Full details of the scheme are available on the Localgiving’s website. If you have considered supporting HICOP, then donating through Localgiving while the matched funds scheme is running will help us even more.

To give you an idea of what your donation could help with, here are some costings:

  • £10.00 – 10 “meadow in a tray” kits
  • £12.00 – Fruit tree
  • £35.00 – Individual tree protection
  • £50.00 – 1kg wild flower seed
  • £260.00 – Entrance gate
  • £900.00 – Perimeter fence

Monthly donations

It’s possible to make a regular monthly donation to HICOP through Localgiving. If you do this now, Localgiving will match up to the first £10 a month for the first 3 months. Additionally, if 5 monthly donors sign up by 12th October, HICOP will be entered into a competition which would see the three winning charities have their monthly donations matched for an entire year.

Visit our localgiving page