Free insulation

While not about apples or the orchard project, we thought this offer for the village was worth bringing to your attention. Also, please note that HICOP will receive money from the project for every home that takes this offer up.

There is money left over in the CERT programme which for years has been providing subsidized insulation. That money has to be used by 31 March. Normally it is used to provide low cost insulation. In October subsidized insulation cost just over £150. Well, there is now so much money left over that government is making insulation available for free – until it runs out. This applies to Cavity Wall and Loft insulation. There are a few catches to qualify for LOFT insulation but most homes with old insulation will qualify.

The loft insulation small print reads:

  • Your present insulation must be less than 60mm. If you have old 100mm insulation it will settled over the years and should qualify;
  • there is a square area limit depending on the type of home you have. For example, a typical 3 bed semi-detached home can get up to 50 square metres of insulation for free. That should be enough for most homes. Anything above that costs £6 per square metre.

This won’t last long so you need to decide right away. The insulation is installed by professionals – Aran Services – which has been serving this area for a few decades and has been installing solar PV for us. Village Energy Project has a priority Agreement with Aran. We do the marketing so they can keep the deal free of charge to village residents, and they donate £10 per installation to our Community Orchard Project.

If you are interested, e-mail your details to mail at or call me at 07402 674585. If my phone is busy, leave your name, address and contact details on the voicemail and I will pass these along to the surveyors. They will start working on Monday.

Note: If you have topped up your insulation within the past several years, but it is still less than the 300mm standard now recommended for homes, be advised that B&Q has some very good deals on DIY insulation. They have some KNAUF brand insulation rolls for £3. These cover 5.5 metres. At 55p per sq metre that’s almost as good as free. You will also have to act quickly since stocks will go quickly.