February – Volunteer help needed

Now that the license for the orchard has been signed with the Parish Council we are able to start work and your help is needed.

The first major task we have to undertake is:

Tree planting


We are about to take delivery of 26 fruit trees from the specialist nursery that has grafted them for us.

Before planting we have to prepare the ground and erect a form of tree protection around each tree, as shown to the right.

Work on this first phase of the orchard should take place while the young trees are still dormant so it is scheduled for two weeks in February:

Sat 16 and Sun 17 February
Sat 23 and Sun 24 February

Please note: We will only be working on the Sundays if work runs over from the Saturdays. If the weather is bad please check the Volunteer page of the website for updates.

The work will comprise:
  • Plotting the site of each tree
  • Preparing the ground
  • Cutting out material to cover the ground and suppress weeds and grass growth around the young trees
  • Erecting posts
  • Planting trees
  • Attaching wire mesh

If either of these work sessions interests you we would be delighted to hear from you and see you at the orchard site at any point over the days mentioned above. If you would like to help please let us know when you can come by getting in touch via our contact page.